Rosebud, eat your heart out!

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Here is a great idea for people in warmer climates, impatient winter fans, or just for your off-season professional sled rider practice sessions. The SLICER allows you to create perfect sledding conditions anytime, anywhere, by bringing the slippery ice of the winter months to the bottom of your sled. In 70 degree conditions, you can get up to 45 minutes of sled time in, and the frozen inserts fit in a regular sized freezer!


Yes, they make them in adult sizes too…

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These cute mittens are a great idea. Not only will kids love how they look like actual bear paws, but they have a little opening so that you can get out your bare hands to do whatever you need to. You get the warmth of mittens without the loss of your fine motor skills. They make them in faux fur, tons of polarfleece colors, and sizes from infant to XL adult.

Never Go Thirsty Again!

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Don’t you hate it when you go camping with your friends, stop by the cheap beer distributor out in the boonies, and when you’ve finally pitched the tents are are ready to settle down by the fire with a beer, you realize there isn’t a bottle opener for miles. I’ve resorted to the “lighter trick” (which usually results in a lighter fluid spill), using keys, even in moments of desperation trying to MacGyver rig something out of a tent pole and some nearby twigs. Well, no longer must you live in fear of forgetting your bottle opener, because the Ring Thing is actually a functional ring that opens bottles while staying on your finger. Doesn’t take up pocket space, and if you’re slick about it, it will probably take your friends a few tries before they figure out how exactly you’re opening the bottles.

No, I Am Not Still Scared of the Dark

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But if I was, I would probably secretly get one of these (and hide it during the day so nobody knew I had it). It seems like a great gift for kids, who won’t be embarrassed because they are an appropriate age to have such toys. I especially like their names and personalities. These Scare Me Nots are just the thing for the little ones.

Discreet Sheets (For Lent Removal)

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Ok — so this product is made for women, but personally, I think it could be extremely useful for guys as well. No guy wants to be caught using or owning a lint roller. The discreet portability of the Go-Girl Lint-On-The-Go Sheets means that guys can look professional without being mocked.

As for the benefits for women, I will let Janelle in the video above do the talking for this one. She is much more eloquent than I ever could be.

Your Soap Is Talking To You!

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If your soap is talking to you, it’s either time to visit a shrink, or you have the Statement Soaps from KalaStyle. I can’t think of a better way to start my day than a nice shower with a positive message. I personally like to start my day with “Hope”, but all of these messages are great. They also smell great. I don’t know about you, but a great smelling soap helps me wake up. Every morning should include a hot shower, this soap, and a big waffle breakfast.

Zombie Attack!

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Find an abandoned mall or grocery store or mall, board up the windows and doors and get ready to come face to face with zombies! Zombies are a big part of my life, from watching movies like 28 Days Later and Sean of the Dead to dealing with my girlfriend when she first wakes up. I was even a zombie for Halloween this past year. So naturally, I was pleased when the board game, Zombie Attack, went up on The Talk Market.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on letting my character get turned into a zombie every time I play this game. It’s a great game to play with your family or friends, especially at night and in October. Also, check out Strategic Space Games’ other board games for sale.